Forum Title: leak from leveling the floor
I was jacking up my floor to level it. Well, what I didn't realize is that there is a drain pipe for the kitchen sinks right near where I was jacking. This caused a leak to develop. I backed off the jack and the leak went away for the time being. The pipe seems to be threaded steel pipe bout 2-3" wide. I can see threads on the upper part of the section that is in the basement. Apparently there was a leak there already that somebody tried to fix with duct tape. The house is 2 stories with an attic. I would like to extend the length of the pipe a little bit so I can level the floor as I originally intended. What do I have to do here? There is no easy way to unscrew the pipe that I can see. Should I just call a plumber? Should I call someone to do the floor leveling AND the plumbing? Who can even do both of those things? TIA!
Category: Plumber Post By: DWIGHT LOVE (Gastonia, NC), 11/07/2016

post a picture of the plumbing, the house jacking, i dunno, not my thing these boys will hook you up on jacking

- EDNA RICHARDS (Joliet, IL), 09/15/2017

looks like

- DARRYL HALE (Flagstaff, AZ), 09/28/2017

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