Forum Title: Need Help! Does this gas/water pipe installation have problem?
I signed a contract to buy a new home several weeks ago which is still under construction. Last Sunday I went to the house and noticed the plumbing work is very ugly... It must have problem just from my sense. But I exactly have no idea about which code it violates. This is Oregon. 1. Three flexible pipes squeezed out from a tight hand-dug rough hole. 2. water pipe laid on the floor. It's even a little above the OSB subfloor. Today I went to county for consultation and got the contact information of the county inspector. Just now, at the time I sent the email to the county inspector I got reply from the builder's superintendent. It is said: For #1, "gas lines and are not going to leak. This is a standard installation and it passed inspection today." For #2, "pipes in floor due to beam below. Not able to drill beam below. Structural integrity issues if drilled." I am struggling and probably will decide to cancel the contract with losing the earnest money and upgrade deposit BTW, the builder says it's "American #1 Builder".... Please also let me know if you think I worry too much.
Category: Plumber Post By: CLINTON PADILLA (Medford, OR), 06/04/2016

what concerns me is no nail shields, and the type of fittings used on the water. the work looks very shoddy, I would not have used the 90's to offset around the beam, I would have simply drilled a hole at an angle and looped the pipe where are those gas lines going? what is that product he is using ? does it have a name on it ? nail shields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would demand those holes be rat proofed...sheet metal covering hole

- FRED WARD (Port St. Lucie, FL), 09/07/2017

I would for sure follow up on nail plating and fire stopping. You do not want a drywall guy putting a screw into that gas. If it passes inspection I'm not sure what else you can do. I have never seen that type of flex gas before, but i haven't worked residential in many many years.

- ERICA LUCAS (Logan, UT), 10/03/2017

I am wondering,, did they split into 3 lines to go thru the hole. then back to the steel pipe ? I wold like to see more of this plumbing in this house...shoddy ****

- TONYA BECKER (Huntington Park, CA), 10/04/2017

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