Forum Title: need help with floor drain. no trap and no idea where they go
i just bought a new house and it has a full basement. The house was built in 1968. when the house was built the basement was not finished. Over the last 40 years it was finished and this week i had major issues from the kitchen on the main level. I went to snake out the line and pulled up mud. The stack for the kitchen comes straight down and goes into the concrete and heads tword a stack from the hall bath. Their is a floor drain about 5 feet from both stacks. Neither has a trap and looks like it is just a 4"cast pipe. I have a camara that i put down the line and i cannot tell where it goes. The drain near the kithchen stack did not y into the kitchen line under the concrete. I busted up the concrete for about 10' and it never tied into it. I am on a septic system not city. both floor drains look to have had water at one point but were fairly dry. Maybe just slightly wet. The house has three stacks that must tie into each other somewhere under the concrete and goes to the septic tank. the house does not have a sump pump. Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: JEANETTE WADE (Hammond, IN), 07/18/2016

You may have a busted line under the concrete....OR...Many houses (at least in my area) on septic and that old have kitchens/floordrains etc daylighted since it is grey water. Which means they do not dump into the septic.

- MELISSA HALL (Georgetown, TX), 09/10/2017

LOL....I put traps on my daylighted fixtures. keeps the bugs/ mice/ snakes from using the drain like a highway

- RODNEY MATTHEWS (Rancho Cordova, CA), 09/26/2017

you need a plumber with a camera to look in the sink drain, and locate it for you his equipment can locate and take a mud movie

- DWAYNE MORAN (Aurora, IL), 10/06/2017

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