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I am not a licsened plumber. I am a DIY guy big time. In my 60 some years I have pretty much built, wired and plumbed too many jobs to count. That said I just love doing my own work. Ok so. Right now my wife and I Literally building our own new home-from the ground up. We have been working on it for nearly 1 year here in Franklin, TN. This is more than a bucket list task but a lifetime dream to design and build our own home. So that said I just finished framing a couple days ago. The structure has a full basement. It is a 3500 sq ft single floor with 3 bathrooms and 2 powder rooms. I am ready to start the plumbing. I am real comfortable working with all types of plumbing pipes, materials and such. i follow UPC as much as I can understand it. My question is I am stuck on how many vent stacks I need or how many vents fro the devices can I tie into a main stack. I could just use common sense here but I want to be sure it is correct and code or better. The inspectors here are good and they are serious for DIY'ers. Thank you for any help. P.S. Upon completion of my plumbing I will be installing my complete 3 zone HVAC System and all electrical so plenty to do in the weeks ahead.....
Category: Plumber Post By: MARIO HOWELL (Canton, OH), 11/24/2016

yes you can tie vents together in the attic. toilet vents are minimum 2'' basically everything else is minimum 1.2'' No more than one-third (1/3) of the total permitted length, per Table 7-5, of any minimumsized vent shall be installed in a horizontal position. Exception: When a minimum-sized vent is increased one (1) pipe size for its entire length, the maximum length limitation does not apply. 905

- CINDY LAWRENCE (Janesville, WI), 09/10/2017

each fixture shall have a vent look in chapter 9 of the upc 904.1 and table 7-5 3 bath 2 powder room plus kitchen and washing machine 5, 2'' revents and 2 , 1.5 or minimum 2, 2'' if the sewer is 4''

- ELLEN MUNOZ (Knoxville, TN), 10/12/2017

Thanks I do understand that each fixture will have a vent ,but can these runs tie together in the attic so I don't hAve multiple holes in the roof? I see similar homes in the area with 2,3,4,and 5 vent pipes out the roof. Usually1 large one and maybe several smaller. That is what has me confused. I live in TN. Thanks for your help

- AMY ALLEN (Gilroy, CA), 10/13/2017

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