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Hi all, I am new here to the forums. I want to ask some questions directed to professional plumbers. Right now, I am looking for a career change. I am currently in the healthcare field and was planning on going to medical school next year. I'm seriously considering changing my career goals for several reasons. Main thing is, with the way the healthcare field is moving, I don't think I want the emotional or stress involved with a changing healthcare system. I've been considering possible career changes for several months now and have a lot of interest in plumbing. I've recently done some small plumbing projects around my house and really enjoyed the labor and time spent building/repairing some minor projects around the house. My experience in plumbing is very little, however, I am a very quick learner (you have to be to be considering medical school). My questions will be listed below. Any serious answers are greatly appreciated. 1. Do I need to go to a technical school or can I begin working with a licensed plumber and work my way through the levels of apprenticeship, etc.? 2. What can I expect to make on the journey from novice to master plumber? (I know personal question. If anyone feels comfortable to answer, it would be much appreciated) 3. I want to move to the southeastern Wisconsin area. Is there a need/demand for plumbers in this area (Kenosha/Racine)? 4. How willing are master plumbers to take apprentices on? 5. What hours do plumbers work? I currently work from 4am-4pm. How drastic of a time change will I need to make? Anything else important would be greatly appreciated as well.
Category: Plumber Post By: RONNIE FIELDS (Baldwin Park, CA), 08/12/2016

Thanks for your input John! I appreciate your advice. The program I was looking at requires that you become an apprentice and take some courses at the same time at the local trade school. Does this sound reasonable?

- RON VAUGHN (La Mirada, CA), 09/02/2017

Technical school would be a big help. But not necessary. What it will do is get you in the door before someone with out that training. As far as the willingness to take on and train a apprentices. All I can speak for is myself. I found that it wasn't worth my time or effort to train a green employee just to bring him up to the point were he was making money for the company and then have him quit because he found another line of work. But that's just me. When my own son came out of trade school I put him to work with my best employee for the first year. I am now retired and he owns the business. I had seen the results of other fathers bringing there sons into the trade. The were either so tough on him that it turned him off from the trade or they were so easy on him he didn't learn anything. John

- MINNIE PADILLA (Tempe, AZ), 09/14/2017

Trade schools a becoming a thing of the past. Collage is the way most are going. But from what I'm starting to see is many can't find employment after graduation. Plus the have the big debt from there collage loans. I don't like to sound like an old fart but those loans weren't available in my day that's the reason why my high school was a four years in trade school. There are times when I wish I had a collage education but for the most part I have no regrets. I have made a good living in the plumbing trade that allowed me to provide for my family. After all isn't that what it's all about? John

- CHARLOTTE FRANKLIN (Bossier City, LA), 09/23/2017

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