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Hey guys. I have an outdoor sump pit for flood relief. In there I have a pair of 1 hp electric pumps that have 1.5" discharges. The flow rates for each pump are... 5300 GPH @ 0' 4800 GPH @ 10' 3700 GPH @ 15'.. ect.. so on... From the pit I need about 100' run to my pond and there's probably only about a 2' rise from the pumps to the discharge point. Last year I just used 2 individual 1.5" flexible discharge hoses but they didn't hold up well and developed several leaks. This year I want to use all solid schedule 40 pvc. I want to use a "y" to connect the 2 pumps into 1 pipe for the run to the pond. My question is, I have no idea what size pipe to use for the run. Common sense would say that 2, 1.5" pipes need a 3" pipe for 2 but I know that would he overkill. The price between 2.5" and 2" is almost double for the 2.5". Any help would be appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: LESTER BARNETT (Chino Hills, CA), 02/23/2017

I agree 2 will suffice

- NATHANIEL GREGORY (Perth Amboy, NJ), 09/16/2017

2 would be sufficient

- JOSHUA BAKER (Springfield, MO), 10/02/2017

Cool thanks guys.

- MAURICE KELLER (Schenectady, NY), 10/11/2017

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