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Hi, IΓÇÖm running 3/4ΓÇ¥ black pipe for a gas grill and had three questions: 1. The indoor portion of the run is literally a straight line that follows a joist. Is it better to attach the pipe to the bottom of the joist, or the side of the joist? The latter seemed safer (i.e., not as exposed/susceptible to getting bumped), but I wasnΓÇÖt sure. 2. What type of hanger would you suggest? IΓÇÖm in a seismically-active area so I want something that can move a bit if thereΓÇÖs an earthquake. IΓÇÖd also prefer something a little more substantial to plumberΓÇÖs tape. 3. Once outside, the pipe needs to turn 90 degrees up and poke up through a wood deck where the grill sits. Should the pipe be attached to the deck itself in some way? If not, the only thing holding the pipe steady would be the last hanger in the run. I didnΓÇÖt know if there were any fittings that attach to the floor of a deck to hold the pipe, or if you just cut a hole in the deck and run the pipe up through it? Thanks so much for your thoughts.
Category: Plumber Post By: KELLY BELL (Bend, OR), 05/04/2016

Frodo, thanks so much for your help. As is typical with me(), I had a couple follow-up questions: 1. I'm seeing the hanger fittings come in either black or electro-galvanized, would you recommend one over the other? 2. My run is 40 feet total: 20 feet of pipe indoors, then 20 outdoors. Should I install a drip leg at the end outdoors? I've read not to do these outside due to freezing temperatures, but that's doubtful here in Oakland. It also sounds like these aren't as necessary these days, so possibly I don't even need it. Thank you again

- MARSHALL DOYLE (Placentia, CA), 09/26/2017

1, does not matter 2, 3/8'' all thread rod 3, install a hanger at the 90 where it comes up install a valve above the deck. any gas pipinng outside must be painted use a 18'' or shorter gas flex connector rated for the btu of the grill

- ALEX WALTERS (Fayetteville, NC), 09/30/2017

galvanized, and paint the pipe outside, it is required drip leg is required at low point

- TYLER POWERS (Renton, WA), 10/02/2017

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