Forum Title: Replacing polybutylene under slab with PEX
Hi. I live in South Florida and just purchased a house with polybutylene piping. I was told by my home owners insurance that it all needs to be replaced or they will drop coverage. The piping is setup in what I believe is a submanifold configuration with PB running under or within the slab between the kitchen and two other bathrooms. The PB is run within a sleeve in these cases. I wanted to know if it is possible to pull the polybutylene out of the sleeve, attaching a line to is as it is pulled, and then pull PEX through with the line. I didn't want to get into the work of tearing things apart only to find that I wont work in the first place for some reason. Any suggestions?
Category: Plumber Post By: FELICIA MOSS (San Leandro, CA), 02/20/2017

have no idea about labor in an area i dont even know where prices are different all over the us,,,call for 3 estiments minimum of 3 do not have someone do the work without d, checking them do not let someone work on your house with just a hand shake...sign a contract put in the contact you can change your mind with in 72 hours. do a background check during hthat 72 hours...see who is doing your wofk

- JOHNNY PERRY (Hamilton, OH), 09/04/2017

It looks like I might have to break down and pay someone to do the job because of time constraints. Anyone know a general range of what it should cost for a repipe to PEX on a 1300 sqft home with 2 bathrooms?

- ELSIE POWERS (Smyrna, GA), 09/07/2017

the sleeve you are most likely , i would bet a stale donut. just a short sleeve thru the concrete slab to protect it not, sleeved in its entirety. my advice is to run the piping overhead and insulate it

- TERRY KLEIN (Newport News, VA), 09/21/2017

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